At All Pro QDRO your QDRO will be drafted by a Licensed Attorney
All Pro QDRO is an organization dedicated to assisting
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  • All Pro QDRO is a New Jersey based company ready to fulfill all of your QDRO needs
  • All Pro QDRO can process QDROs for all varieties of pension plans
  • All Pro QDRO can provide a present day evaluation of your client's future defined benefit pension
  • At All Pro QDRO all work is prepared by licensed attorneys
  • All Pro QDRO attorneys maintain their own professional legal malpractice insurance
  • All Pro QDRO is located on the internet with convenient downloadable forms
  • All Pro QDRO offers a reasonable rate for preparation of your client's QDRO and pension analysis
  • All Pro QDRO accepts payment from either attorneys or clients in the form of personal checks, Visa, Mastercard or Discover
What Is a QDRO?

Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) definition - Qualified Domestic Relations Order refers to a judgment, decree or order that creates or recognizes the existence of an alternate payee's right to receive all or a portion of a plan participant's benefits .

What is the purpose of a QDRO? A QDRO is used to divide marital property, to provide for the payment of accrued or non accrued alimony or child support. Dependent on the court, it is possible to be used to provide group health benefits to a spouse or former spouse of the participant  
Why is a QDRO Necessary? A QDRO under federal law is the only instrument under which benefits and benefit rights under qualified employee benefit plans can be transferred to a non participant from a participant. The benefits and benefit rights of participants under qualified benefit plans are exempt from the claims of creditors and are nontransferable. States and state courts do not have the authority to remove these restrictions.  
Why use All Pro QDRO?

At All Pro QDRO Your QDROs are professionally prepared by a licensed attorney. A QDRO is a legal document. Do you want your QDRO prepared by a licensed attorney or someone else?

All Pro QDRO is not a law firm or associated with any law firm
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