Preparation of QDRO
Standard Rate for Defined Benefit or Contribution Plan


The fee for QDRO preparaton includes qualification by the Plan Administrator .    
Additional Order(s) for same parties
Evaluation of Opposing Order   $350.00
Expedited QDRO Service (within 72 hours) No pre-approval prior to filing
  $150.00 In addition to above fee    
File Setup Fee - Non Refundable  


This fee is a non refundable fee. It is not in additon to the $500. (This is the fee If we start your file and you decide not to complete it, you will be refunded all except the $100.00.)    
Valuation of Pension Plans
Defined Benefit Plan


Per Plan

Defined Contribution Plan
  $200.00 (coverture fraction) Per Plan    
Expedited Service (within 48 hours)
  $100.00 In addition to above fee    

Neutral Settlement Service - Attorneys Only

Analysis of documents, conference call, talking-points e-mail    
One Plan
1/2 hour limit on conference call
Two - Four Plans
1 hour limit on conference call
More than Four Plans
Contact Office
Other Services and Fees    
Post Plan Approval Revisions
Per Order    
Expert/additonal services

$300.00/ hr

Hourly rate    
Expert Testimony
  $1800.00 Per Court Appearance    
Conference Calls
  $150.00 Rate applies per half hour    
File Retrieval Fee (file closed)
  $100.00 Post Retrieval revisons are billed according to work performed  



Telephone Hours are 9:00am to 4:00pm EST
Please contact us via email outside of telephone hours
We prefer our PRO SE Clients to contact us via email. Phone calls will be accepted on a limited basis!!

Our fee includes pre-approval by the Plan. There are no fees for Plan Administrator revisions or attorney/party revisions submitted within 30 days of the Order preparation or prior to Plan pre-approval. Please note that any attorney/party revisions requested after we have received Plan
pre-approval will result in a $100 fee per Order.


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